Experienced Builders & Architects

Terra Bella is now in all Quebec!

Complete landscaping, turf, synthetic turf, irrigation, drainage, planting, garden

Creation of design & realization, sketches, 3d layout plan, technical and detailed plan

Paving stone, parking, curb, privacy wall for a remarkable entrance with elegance all in light

Outdoor kitchen, lounge, patio, pergola, decorative support, custom design and more


have Any Questions?

Yes, indeed our estimate is free if it does not require a plan. If your project is more elaborate, we offer assistance as well as turnkey design service and 3d design plans as needed.

At the time of the first meeting we define together the project with photos and details of the materials and we create a 3D plan that will define and see the effect of what will be created for your project. This also includes the measurements and a detailed plan with all the technique and design.

As soon as the submission is accepted, our team is busy preparing and making your project a reality, depending on the project, the duration can vary according to its size and its plans. The seasons can also affect the possibilities and the busyness of our services.

We offer services Canada, Us according to your projects, but we are based in Quebec and offer our services in Quebec, Montreal and its regions mainly.